Thursday, March 3, 2016

Red Flags That Show Your Commercial Roofing System Needs Repair Work

Commercial roofs are designed for durability, but even these may break down at inopportune times. Where commercial roofing is concerned, you don't want to wait until your customers are drenched. Getting to the root of the roof's problem as soon as possible makes a difference.

Red Flag #1: Rusting metal and water leaks

Leaks are often the first sign of trouble with your roof, especially when you see puddles inside the building or if you receive complaints from customers. Over time, the metal used in many commercial roofs rusts, which weakens the metal and allows water into your building. Water in the building not only presents a slip and fall risk, but it can also lead to structural damage.

Red Flag #2: Blistering on roof surfaces

Blistering is another issue that ought to be of concern when it comes to your roof. The reason blistering is a red flag is because it indicates the presence of moisture that is contributing to rising water vapor. Blisters that break may indicate additional moisture is getting down into the roof membrane, where it may cause damage.

Red Flag #3: Obvious signs of wear and punctures on the roof membrane

Your roof’s membrane is of vital importance and requires good care when erosion happens. Punctures and other types of wear and tear can accelerate water damage. You'll need to ensure that you see to this problem very quickly.

Paying attention to issues with your roof before they become a serious problem will save your business a lot of hardship in the long run. Make it a point to inspect your roof on a regular schedule. The moment you notice any of the red flags mentioned above, do not delay having a commercial roofing company, such as Easton Roofing Company, come and repair your roof.

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